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Discover Waxing Perfection in Red Oak

From the meticulous precision of pubic waxing to the art of a full bikini wax, our Red Oak waxing salon offers an array of services. Whether you're looking for a male Brazilian wax, a detailed brow wax and tint, or gentle facial hair removal, we provide the best waxing solutions. Our experienced professionals specialize in bikini line wax, full body wax for men, and the finest soft wax techniques for a smooth finish. Embrace the confidence that comes with our expertly performed leg waxing, underarm wax, and even nose hair wax. Visit our welcoming wax studio in Red Oak for the ultimate in body waxing and ingrown hair removal services.

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Eyelash Artistry Awaits

Step into our eyelash beauty salon in Red Oak where we transform your look with salon eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Our lash studios are known for their exquisite eyelash bar, offering everything from subtle salon lash extensions to dramatic beauty salon eyelashes. We pride ourselves as one of the best eyelash salons in the area, with skilled professionals ready to provide eyelash extension services tailored to your style.

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Brighten Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Our Red Oak teeth whitening services offer a range of options, from the fastest teeth whitening techniques to thorough dental whitening treatments. With professional teeth bleaching, including ultraviolet light technologies, we ensure your smile shines brilliantly. Experience cosmetic teeth whitening at its best, and discover our competitive professional teeth whitening prices.

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Rejuvenate with Our Facial Spa Services

Immerse yourself in luxury with our facial spa treatments in Red Oak. From relaxing massage and facial packages to advanced deep cleansing facials, we cater to all your skin needs. Our spa offers top facials including men's facial treatments, deep pore cleansing facials, and specialized facial peels. Whether you're looking for a facial close to me or a comprehensive spa facial treatment, our skilled estheticians provide the best in facial services and skincare

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More Than Just a Body Waxing Salon

We offer fun and enjoyment, and acts as a haven of relaxation and self-care as well.

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The Smooth Self-Care That We Offer

Elevate Your Well-Being with Our Exceptional Services

We Help You to Embrace Your Smooth Self

WaXon Fuzz Off envisions a world where every individual embraces their true confidence and beauty with the help of our exceptional body waXing and self-care services.

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At waXon Fuzz Off, we offer fun, relaxation and premium hair removal services to make you feel comfortable, pampered and confident.

The Buzz from Our Beloved Clients

Listen to what our clients have to say about their experiences. From high praise for our facial spa to satisfaction with our diverse waxing services, discover why we're a top choice in Red Oak, TX.